I live in the Atlanta area with my wife, Jessica, and our two sons, Patriot and Azlan. I like to say that I am just another guy trying to make a difference. 

Business Experience:
I am an entrepreneur.  I have started or helped start companies for many years.  I have failed more times than I have succeeded, but I think that is the story of most entrepreneurs.  Sharing my creativity with others gets me fired up. I enjoy business conversations over breakfast or lunch more than over a phone call or an email. 

Faith Experience:
I worked at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX for five years, helping create and produce G-Force, a curriculum for elementary age children. I also contributed to the dream phase and helped launch Elevate, an elementary curriculum. Additionally, I served as the Pastor of Students and Children at Horizon Community Church in Cincinnati, OH. I speak at many conferences for youth ministry, children’s ministry, family ministry and how to leverage technology for to make a difference. If you want to book me just fill out the Contact Form.

My latest books:
The latest book is called Parent Chat: The Technology Talk For Every Family. It is both in print and an eBook. It can be found on Amazon and almost every other book retailer around the world.  I also wrote Be Social: The Social Media Handbook and you can get it free here on my site. My best advice for those trying to leverage social media for either business or personal use is to be human; don’t forget you are one person talking to another person. You can interact with me on twitter, facebook, linked in, or this blog.

For now, I use an iPad Pro, an iPhone 6s Plus, and an iMac. Since technology is always growing, these devices will soon be traded in for something newer. However, I don’t plan on leaving the Apple family anytime soon.

NCAA: University of Kentucky Basketball, I bleed blue.
NFL: Cowboys (I lived in Dallas for 5 years), and the Bengals (since a kid but it’s been rough).
Nascar: I don’t care really.
MLB: I will go but I won’t watch it on TV.
Soccer: I played at Cumberland College in KY, but I don’t follow it anymore.

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