Add iDisciple to Your New Year

Welcome to the new MattMcKee.me and a new focus for the new year. This year is all about learning and leading. Yesterday I wrote about going through the Personal MBA program and how I would love for you to join me. I will be writing more about that tomorrow.

Today and most Tuesdays I will be bringing you products or services that I believe in and that I think you should check out.

It is my honor to talk about a new app that I will be using to help me in my faith journey. Don’t get me wrong I use the YouVersion app almost daily and I also use the Parent Cue app but I am adding another app to the arsenal. The name of this app is iDisciple.

I am very excited about this app. Why? I would describe it as Flipboard meets iTunes for discipleship content. You as the end user get to subscribe to different categories like apologetics, theology, leadership, being a better father, ect. Then you also get to subscribe to your favorite speakers or authors in the area of discipleship. You get video content, audio content, and text content. See I told you Flipboard meets iTunes.

There is a subscription fee to get all the content in the app which is $4.95 a month. I would say that is a great price for what you get. Learning and customization should cost something it there are no ads and believe it or not but there are no ads.

So this new year add the iDisciple to your mobile device. Get to learning more than just business but what might just be the reason why you are doing your business.

Find out more at iDisciple.org

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