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Apps to Take to the Beach

As I said previously, I’m on vacation at the beach this week. But being at the beach doesn’t mean technology can’t help you out! Here are some great apps to take to the beach with you:


WeatherBug – This is your classic free weather app to let you know whether it will be sunny today, if/when rain is coming, and what your severe weather chances are. You can upgrade to the Elite version for $1.99 for some even cooler features.

Coppertone MyUVAlert – This free app from Coppertone has weather forecasts, including the UV index, to let you know what sun protection gear you need. It also has an alert to remind you to reapply your sunscreen!

Dining Out:

Yelp – Great for restaurant reviews when you’re in an unfamiliar place.

Open Table – Allows you to make reservations after Yelp helps you find a good place to eat.


Pandora – Great free app for streaming personalized music according to your preferences.

I’m listening to the Beach Boys station. Don’t judge. I’m at the beach!

Kindle or iBooks – Both of these apps are great for reading ebooks. You can carry your whole library with you wherever you go.

I’m reading Platform by Michael Hyatt. Read it. Now.

Jaws Revenge – The premise of this game may be a little creepy, but it’s fun!

Flick Fishing – A much milder game than Jaws, but just as fun. And way simpler than actually fishing in the ocean.

Parent Cue – Great for showing videos to the kiddos and keeping them entertained!

Staying Connected With Your Church Back Home:

Um, your church should get a ROAR app. Ha!

*Disclosure: The links in this post are my affiliate links, so I’ll get a commission if you purchase any of the apps. So go for it!

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