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Are you thinking about going to Disney World?

Who doesn’t want to go to Disney World? Well, I guess I know of a couple of people who don’t want to go but my respect for them went down a little after hearing this. Why? Because to me Disney is the one place that I get to say yes more than any other place on earth. I say yes to my kids more there. I say yes to my wife more. I even say yes to me more there. Not only is there a yes factor but there is also a keeping the curiosity alive factor.

I say “No.” all the time. I say no to my kids, to companies looking to raise capital, to possible partnerships, to all sorts of consumer things. Being a person who loves to say, “YES!” I need a place that I get to say that word more. How does Disney help do this? We stay on property and we buy the dining plan. So kids, do you want to go to the park early? Yes. Do you want to stay in the parks late? Yes. Do you want dessert? Yes. Do you want to have an incredible experience? Yes! Believe me, these little YES moments make all the difference in the world.

Keeping curiosity alive is also a huge piece for me. It is easy to get jaded. It is easy to stop being curious. It is easy to stop dreaming. Giving yourself permission to have fun is the first step. Giving yourself permission to act like a kid again is the next step. Then you will be amazed. You will start to look around and begin to be curious again. How does Disney do this? How about that? Curiosity leads to wonder which leads to being amazed. It is hard not to like being amazed.

If you are like me and you want a place that you can say YES and a place that will peak your curiosity then I recommend that you contact my wife who is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. She can help you book an amazing trip at no extra cost to you. She truly is the best. Oh and do me a favor, go like her Facebook page to keep up with the latest Disney news and specials. I would appreciate that.

Do you have a favorite Disney moment? For those that have gone before and want to go back, why do you go to Disney? If you have never gone, do you want to go?

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  1. Mike at #

    You know me Matt, I don’t like Disney at all…HA! We will be there for our yearly trip in November! How cool that Jessica is now a vacation planner for them. Best of luck to her, she will be great at it! Hope you and your family are doing well, we miss you guys.

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