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I have been blogging off and on for 10 years now. In fact the first post on this blog was posted in 2006 but I had another blog before that. Up to this point I have not had any paid ads on my site. There are times that I promote products, services, companies, and non-profits but not because I am getting paid to do so. I have even had banner ads on my sites over the years but those companies didn’t pay to get their logo on my site. I would add those for free. All of that is about to change.

Why the change? I have new focus on this blog. The new focus is on leadership and starting, building successful brands. This blog is a brand. It is an outlet that has written ministry, technology, leadership, and communication. This brand has been ranked as a top blog on many different occasions. I think it is now time to have a couple sponsors who also want to make a difference and join this brand.

What does it mean to sponsor? I am only looking for 2 sponsors for the next year. That’s right, 2. I want 2 passionate companies, universities, ministries, or non-profits that want to come along and make a difference. These sponsorships will not be cheap. You will get 2 sponsored posts a month on this blog as well as post to the over 24,000 people combined that follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In. You will also get to put your logo on the left hand side of my blog. Finally as a added bonus you will get one day with me where I will speak to your staff, overhaul your social media strategy, or give you ideas on how to launch your next product. I am not accepting the first 2 interested parties that come to the table but will pick those that line up with this brand.

Are you interested? If so please fill out this form on my contact page.


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