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Black Friday Cause

Black Friday Cause is Coming Back

Each year my family is one of those families that looks forward to Black Friday.  I know we’re crazy.  (I also know that there are a ton of reasons why we shouldn’t shop on Black Friday or that the best deals don’t even happen on that day but I digress.) So why do we do it?  We love the experience of it.  We don’t want to make it all about our family but instead wanted to make it about something else.  I mean, it is the season of Thanksgiving.  So we started Black Friday Cause.

This year Daniel, my brother, and I are planning on camping out again but for someone/something else.

The Plan for 2011:

  • Camp out again outside a store that is doing an incredible Black Friday deal somewhere in Cincinnati, OH.
  • LiveStream as much as we can here at
  • Interview others as crazy as we are who are camping out for deals
  • Get as many people involved as we can both online and offline
  • Pick a cause, charity, or organization who really NEEDS a Black Friday Item
  • Have a blast and be thankful for what we have
  • Let you laugh at 2 guys who enjoy life in the warmth of your home
  • Encourage others to shop for non-profits and highlight there stories as well.

Here’s how you can help

Here is how you can help this year:

  • Spread the word via all your social media channels.
  • If you know of a news organization who needs a Black Friday story then we would be more than willing to help.  This isn’t about us.  It’s about the organization that is picked.  We want to tell their story and why they need the item.
  • Pick your own cause, charity, ministry, or organization.  Who do you know that really needs something that is on a huge sale on Black Friday.  buy it for them.
  • Interact with us as we live stream the event.  You can do that at here at  We will be all over Twitter, Facebook,, and who knows where else.  We will let you know.
  • To follow the twitter account of Black Friday Cause go to
  • Join the Facebook page go to


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