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Churches Should Help Fund The Next Great Company

There have been entire industries created because of the Church. I am not even talking about those that serve the Church, like fundraising companies. I am talking about medical, printing and architecture. The history of the Church is not just bringing the gospel to communities but also jobs, innovations and social gathering spaces. I think […]

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How to fire a volunteer over text message

Step 1 Get out your phone Step 2 Open your text messaging app Step 3 Find the volunteer’s contact information Step 4 Start the text conversation with the question “How are you doing today?” Step 5 Stop thinking you are going to fire the volunteer Step 6 Put down your phone Step 7 Take a […]

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I Hate Puppets! Well Not All Puppets

What is it about puppets that is so easy to dislike? Is it that I have experienced puppets done so poorly that I come to expect them to be done that way? Or is it that the idea of a someone hiding behind a curtain manipulating some poor innocent creature is just wrong? Have you […]

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