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Sharing from my Google Reader

By the way, if you are not using Google Reader to read your blogs you should. Sign up now. I found a very helpful tool in the reader today. It is a tool called trends. It is in the upper left hand part of your reader. Why is this useful? It tells you how many […]

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Terry Storch looks like Apola Ohno

Congrats Terry on winning Dancing with the Stars. I always knew you had great footwork. Seriously, if you are not reading Terry Storch’s blog, you should be. He is the best technology person at any church anywhere. He is a big idea guy who challenges me all the time. He now works for and […]

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Sign Wednesday: ClustrMaps

Yes, it is Sign Wednesday. The sign I want to highlight this week is the one that happens to be on my site. If you scroll down and look to the right then you will see a little sign called ClustrMaps. I love this little tool. Basically it is a web monitoring device that lets […]

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Jott Yourself

5 years ago I bought a voice recorder. I was inspired by my boss at the time. He would walk around the church and remind himself of all the things that needed to improve or simply change by speaking into a nice little compact device. He would then have his assistant or himself type out […]

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Using Twitter for Ministry

I love to ask the question, “How can this new technology help me minister to kids and parents?” I believe that if we aren’t willing to explore then we will be settling for something less and God deserves the best. So as you can read from my post a couple of weeks ago, I was […]

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