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Cool Updates to YouLead Curriculum

Last fall I wrote about a personal leadership development curriculum from Orange called YouLead, and I wanted to let everybody know that now it has had some major upgrades so it is even more awesome than it was before! The most exciting change is that it has transitioned to an online library system so that you can pick from 1 of 20 different leadership issues to help your ministry or church today or get a new issue every month. So now instead of only having access to whatever the one featured issue is each month, you can choose whatever fits best with what you’re dealing with right now.

Other awesome changes are that now each subscription allows access for 10 users instead of 5, so your whole team can view the content. Also, once you access content, you can go back and view it again for a whole year. That is awesome.

To read more details about the changes to YouLead, read the Orange blog post here. Check out the YouLead website and sign up for a free trial here.

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