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Friday Giveaway: A list of Ministries or Companies Making a Difference in Haiti

This Friday Giveaway is totally different than any I’ve done in the past.  I’m not giving away anything to my readers.  I do Friday Giveaway to highlight products, services, and things that I would like to receive.  It keeps me thinking of other people.  This week I want us all to think of other people by not focusing on winning something but maybe giving, praying for, or letting others know information.

Who is doing great work for the people and helping the country of Haiti?  I asked this question on Twitter and Facebook and got several responses.  I thought I would share those responses here and let you add more in the comments if you want.

The reason I sent out the tweet is because I met a very passionate 24 year old guy who’s long term mission is to move back to Haiti, start a college, and give back to the people in a way that will make a difference for generations to come.  You see he grew up in Haiti and had the opportunity to go to college after high school.  He got his degree in engineering so that he could go back and help rebuild the country.  He then thought, “Why just rebuild the buildings? Can’t we also rebuild the people?”  It is a great perspective.  By the way, if you are one of the ministries or companies looking to hire someone incredible and doing great work in Haiti then I will connect you will this incredible guy.

Here is the list that I have so far of the ministries or companies doing great things in Haiti:

  1. Starfish Kids
  2. Convoy of Hope
  3. Stepping Stone Haiti
  4. Northwest Haitian Christian Mission
  5. Esperanza
  6. Soles4Souls
  7. Praying Pelican Missions
  8. Help Heal Haiti

Who else do you know?  Do you support any of the ones mentioned above?

I have to continually remind myself that this world and this life is not about me.  I hope you not only understand that truth but continue to live it out as I try to do so as well.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you return.


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  1. Jared M at #

    When the earthquake struck Haiti a couple years ago, Convoy of Hope had just filled their warehouse with supplies. They were able to be a great support in the country immediately following the disaster when so many groups couldn’t even get into the country. I’ve always loved their ministry and continue to support it today.

    I also noticed that Land of a Thousand Hills is missing from your list. They are doing some great work in Haiti as well. Love me some Haitian Blue.

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