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Innkeepers Ministry

I have great news for all you who work at a church full time. Jessica and I just got back from a little place in Brookville, OH run by Bob & Jan Hartenstein. The place is called the Chesed Inn and it is just like a Bed and Breakfast but so much better. Why is it better? Because it is free to all who are in full time ministry. That’s right it’s free. It’s not even open to the public. Bob and Jan’s goal is let people in ministry feel like kings and queens. Not only do they let you stay there for free but you eat for free as well. So what could be better than an incredible place to stay with free food run by Christians who pray for you and love on you the whole time your there? Nothing. Oh yeah, they have 3 ponds that are stocked with fish, a swimming pool, full size outdoor basketball court, and hiking trails on their land not to mention a great video library with kickin’ surround sound. So the next time that you are thinking that you and your wife/husband really need to get away then you need to call Bob and Jan. Go to their website for more info it is You can do like we did and stay for just 2 nights or you can stay as long as you would like. I’m serious. They would prefer you stay at least 7 days. Now you don’t have an excuse to get away for a little while and relax.

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