Join the mission to help parents with technology

Today, there will be millions of parents walk through the doors of uncertainty about technology across the globe. Many parents will drop their child off to a smart phone who peeks their curiosity in a deep way. Those kids will be surrounded by a community that is hidden in most cases to the parents and the safety and well being of the child will be left to chance.

The other thing that these parents have in common is that they are scared to death about the technology that they give to their kids. Parents ask the question of how do I keep my kid safe out in this world? Today not only do we have to answer the question of this offline world but we also have to ask the question of the online world as well.

I speak to parents and pastors across the United States quite frequently about how to keep kids safe online. I even had the chance to be on CBS 42 in Birmingham, AL speaking about kids and online safety. Yes this is a mission and I hope you join in.

There are 2 things right now that you can do to join the mission.

1: Let parents know that offline conversation beats online communication every time. What do I mean? Parents need to be engaged in their child’s life. Parents need to have dinner as a family as often as possible. Relationships matter and the more that we look at a screen the more we crave real relationships. Parents can win this battle but it starts with a conversation.

2. Let parents know about the right tools. There are many tools out there that filter the internet from adult material. This is a great first step but there are also tools that limit screen time, set bedtimes, and inform parents so that they can have better conversations. This is why I believe in Circle with Disney so much. It is also why I love CircleGo and us it with my family.

I think I have the beginnings of how you can do both of these things and I have made it as easy as possible:

1. Get parents to ask these 4 questions at the dinner table:

  1. “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen lately?”
  2. “What’s the craziest thing your friends are doing?”
  3. “What’s something that has surprised you recently?”
  4. “Can you teach me how to do something new with technology?”

2. Help me promote Circle with Disney to parents. Here is a dropbox folder with the following in it:

  1. 11×17 poster
  2. A half page flyer
  3. A presentation slide graphic (both regular and wide)
  4. A print graphic
  5. A web graphic (both wide and square)
  6. If you need anything else then let me know

All this to say, I ask that you join the mission. The internet does not have to be unsafe for kids. We can do this together. It just takes conversation and the right tools.

If you are up for the mission then comment/share this post.

16 Responses to Join the mission to help parents with technology

  1. Matt Morris at #

    I’m in, brother!

  2. Gary at #

    I shared this on Our Menlo KidsFacebook page and our parent newsletter we send out in December

  3. Gary at #

    It won’t let me get the graphics off your dropbox please invite me

  4. This is a tool with some great possibilities. As a home school dad, IT professional, and blogger, I’m in.

  5. Robert Johnson at #

    I’m in!

  6. Wendy H at #

    How do you access the dropbox?
    I know my families will love this product.
    I would love to win so that I have a sample to show them.

  7. Frank DiRenzo at #

    This looks like a great resource for families!

  8. Stacey Kay at #

    I’m looking forward to seeing this product in action and I’m planning to get the word out to our families.

  9. One of the things I’ve recently felt called to do is help our parents be more informed and equipped about technology and the online world. Some of the things that come natural to me are not for them. It is part of my job as a youth pastor to stay on top of the culture so we can be relevant as a church, so I’ve lately felt like I should share that information in a helpful way to our parents. Circle makes a lot of sense, and I’d love to research it more to see if it’s something I should incorporate into our list of resources we put in parents’ hands.

  10. Erica Tudor Tucker at #

    Matt, I love what you are doing! We struggle at our house with screen time everyday. I would be happy to share!

  11. Mike at #

    Love the potential of this tool – as a dad of 5 and a ministry leader, anything that helps parents be intentional is a win in my
    mind. Thanks for continuing to spread the news!!

  12. I would love to give one of these to a family in our church!

  13. Todd Graham at #

    Thanks for the resources Matt! Will be using them Wednesday for our parenting conference.
    Please keep up the good work. What you do matters.

  14. I too love my Circle and invite everyone I can to get one.

    I went to your Dropbox link and it didn’t work. Has it moved or can you help steer me toward where it is? Are you still sharing it?

  15. Link has been updated. Thanks for the heads up.


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