Leadership Thursday: 70 20 10

I get asked quite frequently what a social media strategy looks like. I also get asked how I build relationships and keep up with so many people. Well this article from http://lifehack.org is how I do it. I just didn’t write the following article. I did edit the article though to reflect my thoughts and added my tips. Enjoy.

Mike Sansone, who’s business, ConverStations, helps consultants and other small businesses develop and execute their social media strategy. The biggest take away for most people who talk to Mike is this principle: 70 20 10.


When building relationships face to face or via social media you want people to see you a trusted resource. So, make sure 70% of your interactions or their exposure to you is you being just that – a resource. Be a resource.

The only way you can truly be a resource to the people around you is to understand what they are about. What do they like? What don’t they like? What are they interested in? What are they passionate about? What motivates them? When you begin to understand these things, make an effort to give them what they value. The more you do this, the more they will see you as a resource. The more they see you as a resource, the more they will trust you. I don’t care if it’s a business or personal relationship: if there is no trust, there is no relationship.

Tip: This is why you should share more articles from companies that you don’t work for or even have stock in then you do even companies that you own. You should look for the best ideas and hope to bring those to your community. Are you thinking this way?


When people see you as a resource and trustworthy, their walls come down and they are more interested in you. 20% of the time, allow people to get to know you better. While making an effort to relate to them, talk about the things in the world you find value in, engage people in conversation about things you’re passionate about, talk about your kids, or the football game, or the movie you saw. Forget about business and have fun getting to know each other. People work with others whom they trust and like. Let them get to know the real you.

Tip: Know that filtering is the biggest issue here. Even at 20% of your conversation, posts, or ideas are around what you eat then you will lose trust. If it is always about your kids then you will lose trust. Mix up the real you and just know that a political comment can always back fire but don’t be afraid to be yourself.


When people trust and like you, they are more willing to take time to learn about and support your purpose, mission, and/or vision. If you have shown you care about them and have invested time and energy in them, they will be more willing share their resources with you, be it their energy, time, or money. Talk about you and whatever it is you are trying to accomplish only 10% of the time.

No doubt about it: the only way you are going to be successful is if people know what you do. So, tell them. Just don’t make your sales pitch your identity.

Tip: When you talk about what you do last and you listen to what others do first, then you will find that you have permission to talk about you more. Why? Because it is so rare.

70 20 10

Tip: This philosophy works across the board. Use it not only in your social media strategy but also your leadership style.

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