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Ministry Monday: Mobile Apps

For the last 2 and a half years I’ve played with, hacked, unlocked, dreamed about, jotted, jailbroken, tweeted, facebooked, texted, made a phone call  and now even developed an app on my iPhone.  I’ve driven my wife and kids crazy doing it in the process.  Don’t get me wrong, my wife has benefited from me passing my old iPhones down and my kids still say, “Can I play a game on your phone?” everyday.  Yes this little piece of hardware running apps has been an obsession of mine.  It has changed the way I interact with information.  It has changed how I look at mobile phones.  I think it has for most of us.

About 2 years ago I had an idea about taking a DVD series and turning it into iPhone apps.  I really wanted to leverage this technology of mobile phones and turn it in to something that could be useful to families on a week to week basis.  We talked with the company who owns the DVD series and made it all the way to the lawyers to sign a contract.  The contract was never signed and the idea of that DVD series fell apart.  I still think it is a great idea for this series and maybe someday the challenges will fade and they will be turned into apps.  Who knows?

Now fast to Oct. 2009.  I’m still tired of the lack of faith based applications for my iPhone.  Sure I had the Bible from known as YouVersion but I wanted more, a lot more.  By the way, the guys at are incredible. I had the privilege of working with Terry Storch for five years at Fellowship Church and he is a stud, but I digress.  The app store was lacking in this area of faith in big time way.  Mars Hill was one of the few if not the only church who had an iPhone app at the time.  There were very few non-profit organizations who had apps to be frank.

So what did I do?  I decided to do something about it.

I got the best Creative Director that I knew besides the guys at and the best business guy I knew and we put our heads together.  Both are very strong in their faith and wanted to see something changed on this front.  I still can’t believe how few mobile apps there are, not to mention quality mobile apps in an app store that has over 180,000 apps and growing everyday. There is a lot of room here to help out.

The apps stores are not going away (I don’t care what type of code they have to be written in).  We need many more apps to be developed for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and every other mobile device out there.  These apps should be faith based.  These apps need to be priced fairly for non-profits so that they can take advantage of cutting edge technologies. These apps should be created by great developers.  These apps should not just be a wrap on RSS feeds but contain dynamic capabilities of the phone.

If you want to check out what I think the solution is then go to  Just so there is no confusion, that is a zero and a four in the middle of the R’s.  It’s pronounced “ROAR”.  Let me know what you think of the name and the spelling.

Do you think non-profits need mobile apps?  Does your church, ministry, organization, or non-profit need an iPhone, iPad or Android app?  I know my answer to those questions but I would love to hear yours.

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  1. JTapp at #

    I definitely get the idea, but I don't get the name. I stared at it for a while before I read the post, trying to decipher it like I would a personalized license plate. I didn't get there.

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