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One of the Best Days of My Life

I’ve spent many years in Kidmin, and so I’ve ministered to lots of families. I’ve baptized over 250 people in my life as a minister. However, this Sunday was the most special EVER for me because the family being impacted was my own. I had the extreme privilege of baptizing my firstborn son, Patriot. Absolutely nothing compares to this.

I believe strongly that ministry starts with your own family. If you don’t minister to your family, no one will. I am so thankful that Patriot has grown up in the church and with loving parents who teach him the truth of the Gospel, and that he has chosen to receive that truth as his own. By the way, I cried just like I did the day he was born. He hugged me and said “I love you, Dad.” There is nothing better in this world.

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