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Orange Conference 2012: Great Quotes

This year’s Orange Conference was amazing, and a game changer for many in attendance. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite quotes from the week, both preconference and conference:

“There is no way to make disciples without getting messy.”
– Reggie Joiner

“We need to stop acting like we signed up for something & start acting like we’re called to something.”
– Reggie Joiner

“There is a fundamental shift in how we communicate. Social media is not a fad and we must learn to use it effectively.”
– Kenny Conley

“We are called to unleash single-minded, Christ-centered, biblically-anchored world changers.”
– Craig Groeschel

“Healthy and productive staff culture is characterized by mutual submission.”
– Andy Stanley

“Don’t be fair; be engaged.”
– Andy Stanley

“When we beat up other Christians online we remove the opportunity to speak in love later.”
– Jon Acuff

“Comparing church health with church attendance is like someone asking, ‘How’s your family?’ and you responding, ‘4.’”
– Doug Fields

“Pursue ‘slow’ more intently. You can’t rush relationships, discipleship & loving people.”
– Doug Fields

“There are lots of things we’re able to do, but I’d like to land on the one thing I was MADE to do.”
– Bob Goff

For a thorough roundup of all the blogs that came out of Orange this year, check out Jared M’s Notes Warehouse.

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