Orange Week 2.0: Why Orange? #thinkorange

I get the question all the time, “What do you do for Orange?”  My response consist of helping out with social media strategy, (which is getting an overhaul very soon) and a new product called YouLead that launches next month.  Basically I get to leverage technology to help equip, empower, and train pastors all over the world to reach the next generation.  Being a pastor for 10 years, creating curriculum and speaking all over the place, it made sense to me to keep a hand in the world of ministry.

Very few people follow up that question with the next question, “Why Orange?”  I’ve had a couple of people ask but for the most part they don’t get to the why.  I thought to start this Orange Week I would answer that question.

10 reasons of Why I’m Orange?

  1. It’s about a strategy and not simply about a curriculum.  Curriculum can only go so far.
  2. Sue Miller. Just hanging out with her makes my day better.
  3. It’s about leveraging influence and not putting the focus on just the church.
  4. I’m going to be bald some day. Reggie Joiner is bald. I think it works.
  5. I get to impact pastors all over the world.
  6. Building community is key for the company online and offline
  7. I can wear Bengals stuff and I fit in.
  8. I get to work with my wife again and that is just plain AWESOME!
  9. Orange Conference simply rocks and I have to go now.
  10. Stuart Hall and Jerad Herd talk to me now even if I did Children’s Ministry.

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4 Responses to Orange Week 2.0: Why Orange? #thinkorange

  1. Stuart at #

    matt. this is stuart. you did children's ministry?

  2. Ha. Well there was that one time.


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