Personal MBA Week 17 Plan

This week is all about accounting. This is not my specialty so I am hoping to learn a lot.

If you are following along in the series then I will be writing my thoughts later this week on these 2 books:

  • [amazon_enhanced asin=”1608320561″ /] Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits by Greg Crabtree (review)
  • [amazon_enhanced asin=”0981454224″ /] Accounting Made Simple by Mike Piper (review)

So what is this all about? This post is continuing the series called, “Learning Together and Leading Together“. We are going through a list of 99 books curated by Josh Kaufman that is called The Personal MBA. The goal of this series of blog posts is to get through 2 book summaries a week. Why book summaries and not the full book? Great question, read this post. I will also be linking to reviews, both audio and text, of the books I pick each week when possible. So follow along if you are interested in learning more about business and how to leverage it to make a difference.

Here are the books that we have gone through so far:

If you have comments or thoughts feel free to comment or write your own blog posts. If you do write your own posts let me know and I will link to them so that everyone can learn together.

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One Response to Personal MBA Week 17 Plan

  1. Jared M at #

    Any links to the summaries available? I need my mba fix.

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