Personal MBA Week 7 Plan

This post is continuing the series called, “Learning Together and Leading Together“. We are going through a list of 99 books curated by Josh Kaufman that is called The Personal MBA. The goal of this series of blog posts is to get through 2 book summaries a week. Why book summaries and not the full book? Great question, read this post. I will also be linking to reviews, both audio and text, of the books I pick each week when possible. So follow along if you are interested in learning more about business and how to leverage it to make a difference. So far we have gone through the book summaries of:

If you are following along in the series then I will be writing my thoughts later this week on these 2 books:

  • [amazon_enhanced asin=”1591845335″ /]All Markets Are Liars by Seth Godin (review, audio)
  • [amazon_enhanced asin=”0684856360″ /]Permission Marketing by Seth Godin (review, audio)

That’s right it is an all Seth Godin week. Enjoy. If you have comments or thoughts feel free to comment or write your own blog posts. If you do write your own posts let me know and I will link to them so that everyone can learn together.

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