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Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff and My Thoughts

This is the fifteenth book in the series Learning Together and Leading Together where we are going through the Personal MBA plan curated by Josh Kaufman. Our goal is to get through 99 books this year. Do we read the whole book? Nope. We digest the summary(s) of the book and I give my thoughts and you give your thoughts. Feel free to follow along and comment if you would like.

The best summary I found on this book was found here. It is so goo that I am posting the presentation below:

My Thoughts: 

I pitch all the time. I pitch ideas, products, services, and even sermons. That may sound offensive to my friends who are pastors but in essence it all falls under the same category. The same hurdles that you have to get over to pitch a product is the same hurdles you have to get over to stand up in front of a crowd to preach a sermon. Some of the best pitch men in the world are pastors. They just don’t know it. I am not saying that pastors sell God. There is nothing further from the truth. What I am saying is that when you look at the frame in which they are delivering the information, how they think about their delivery (specifically to first time guest), and how they have gotten past communicating neediness.

Is being able to pitch anything a matter of confidence? Not really. I have been pitched used cars by very confident sales people who didn’t know how to present the product in a great way. Am I a good pitch man? I have been great and and I been horrible. At the end of the day though I don’t want to be known as a great pitch man. I want to be known as a great leader and communicator who when in the right situation understands how to pitch an idea, a service, a product, or maybe even a sermon.

Book summaries of this book where a little lacking so please go out and get the book.

If you need a copy of Pitch Anything go here: [amazon_enhanced asin=”0071752854″ /]

Are you ready to pitch anything? What is holding you back?

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  1. JTapp at #

    Haven’t read this book, but the presentation reminded me of this essay by Malcolm Gladwell entitled “The Pitchman” which you might enjoy. Focuses on Ron Popeil the kings of QVC/late-night infomercial.
    One key paragraph:
    “When Michael Jordan pitches McDonald’s hamburgers, Michael Jordan is the star. But when Ron Popeil or Arnold Morris pitched, say, the Chop-O-Matic, his gift was to make the Chop-O-Matic the star. It was, after all, an innovation. It represented a different way of dicing onions and chopping liver: it required consumers to rethink the way they went about their business in the kitchen. Like most great innovations, it was disruptive. And how do you persuade people to disrupt their lives? Not merely by ingratiation or sincerity, and not by being famous or beautiful. You have to explain the invention to customers– not once or twice but three or four times, with a different twist each time. You have to show them exactly how it works and why it works, and make them follow your hands as you chop liver with it, and then tell them precisely how it fits into their routine, and, finally, sell them on the paradoxical fact that, revolutionary as the gadget is, it’s not at all hard to use.”


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