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Podcast: #ThinkOrange, Mobile Apps for Churches, Facebook, Puppets, and @TonyKummer

Tony Kummer of was very gracious and asked if I would do a podcast with him.  He tried his best to trip me up on the strategy of Orange, the use of Facebook and the church, and why churches would even need an app.  Needless to say but I had a blast doing this.  The podcast is 30 minutes long so it should get you through a nice run or walk.

Here is the podcast: Podcast about Orange, Mobile Apps, Facebook, and Puppets

You can also subscribe to Tony’s podcasts on iTunes if you want to.

I also did a podcast with Sam Luce about technology in Kidmin if you liked the one above.

Thanks for asking me Tony.  I really appreciate it.

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2 Responses to Podcast: #ThinkOrange, Mobile Apps for Churches, Facebook, Puppets, and @TonyKummer

  1. I don't have 30 minutes… can you make a “highlight” reel? 😉

  2. What do you mean you don’t have 30 minutes. I know better. I’m sure you watched 30 minutes of TV last night. Instead do that why don’t you listen to the podcast instead. Come ON!

    (By the way for all of you who don’t know, Anthony and I are good friends and I have the right to give him a hard time. Please no comments on me being rude.)

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