Reggie Joiner’s New Book Playing for Keeps Launches Today

I got this letter from Reggie Joiner telling me about his new book Playing For Keeps, Losing Your Marbles. I thought it would be great for my readers to get it as well. It really does tell you his heart behind writing the book. I have read this book and it has impacted the way that I see my time and how I use it. I recommend this book highly. Here is the letter by Reggie:
“I wanted to let you know about something I have been working on with some of our staff
this past year. After 25 years of working in Family Ministry, and seven years leading an
organization that influences those who influence the next generation, I have learned there
are some things adults just can’t do for kids. You can’t force a toddler to eat broccoli. You
can’t make a teenager “not date him.” And you can’t make a kid love God. I mean, can
you? At some point it just starts to break down.
You can’t make a kid love God, have faith or care about what really matters. But
there are some things you can do.
That’s why we wrote Playing for Keeps. We wanted to talk to parents and leaders (and
anyone else who influences the lives of kids and teenagers) about six things you can give
a kid over time that will make a significant impact. These six things can help give a kid
the kind of history that will show them why they matter to God.
But, just like discovering a vaccine, writing a novel, or growing a Duck Dynasty beard,
you can’t raise a child in a day. You can’t give a kid the kind of history they need in a
moment. It happens over time.
That’s why we use the illustration of the marbles.
Each marble represents one week in the life of a kid or teenager.
There are approximately 936 weeks from the time a child is born until he or she graduates
high school.
A leader who stays connected to small group of kids for a year will have 52 weeks of
influence before those kids move on to the next group.
Parents and leaders have a limited amount of time.
Maybe that’s why Psalm 90:1 says,
“Teach us to number our days so that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
By giving parents a jar of 936 marbles or leaders a box of 52 marbles, we want to
help parents and leaders number their days. We want them to visualize their week. By
counting their weeks, we hope to help them make their week count just a little bit more.”
You will be glad you did.

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