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@ Shift: Dr. Kara Powell

Session Title: Deep Ministry in a Shallow World

Our lives have become mindless
– our food choices

– what we wear
– our youth ministry

We have a feast of resources, so why do students leave undernourished?

We have an epidemic of students leaving the church after High School.

Our Goal should not be to keep students in our youth group but to keep
students long term in the local church.

Cool video from

Are you satisfied with mindless youth ministry?

Ask then Act. . .

Are we feeding students the right type of food?

What Gospel are we feeding kids?

Are students doubt welcome at our table?

The Kids' Table Catastrophe. . .

Age separation is becoming a problem

How can our kids become apart of inter-generational ministry?

How can we train students to feed themselves after graduation?

Help them find a local church in their college town.

Don't be mindless in your food choices, your ministry, and your life!

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