Sign Wednesday: Orange Signs

When I was in high school and college I was always tempted to take the Orange Construction Signs. My favorite was this one:

My roommate in college, Matt Walton, and I talked about putting this sign above our dorm room door. We never did but believe me when I say that we were MEN Working.

Of course this is not the only Orange Sign that we see on a daily basis. Here are some others:

Of course there are even more Orange Signs out there and they are a staple when it comes to signage.

So why am I thinking Orange Signs? Next week I will be in Atlanta at the Orange Conference. I will be hanging out in the Blogger’s Lounge (Come by and say What Up). I will be at the Tweet Up on Tuesday Night before the conference begins (More info here). I will be one of the people teaching a brown bag lunch session on Collaboration (limited space so come early and the other speakers are a lot smarter than I). Needless to say I’m stoked about this conference. I get to be with friends. I get to do some team building with our Student Ministry team at Horizon. I get to meet new people. I might even get to wear white pants and orange shoes (long story and you would know more if you were on Twitter).

If you are going to the Orange Conference I can’t wait to meet you. If you aren’t going then you will be able to follow along on this site. I will post tomorrow all of the ways that you can keep up and make it feel like you are there with us.

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