Sign Wednesday: Your Website

If you haven’t seen the worlds worst website then go here:

Or take a quick look here


When was the last time you updated your the look and feel of your website? Wait… You don’t think that your website matters now that everyone is on Facebook, pinning their recipes on Pinterest, sending pictures to Instagram, and tweeting until their hearts content on Twitter? Believe it or not but I heard that yesterday. It kind of scared me. Believe it or not but your website today is as important if not more important than it was before social media took over. Why? Because this is the only thing on the web that you own. You don’t own anything on those other sites and when they change then you don’t have a choice. You also don’t want to drive traffic to your message, your vision, your values to something that you don’t own. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you shouldn’t be using social media. What I am saying is that you need to make sure that your web property that you control is the best it can be so that when you use other services you look the best you can.

So if you have not updated your site and you need to then let me know. I have a ton of great website companies that I trust that will take care of you.


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