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The Next iPhone: Rumor Roundup

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iOS 7 Coming Soon With Complete Redesign

There has been a lot of talk recently about iOS 7, which should be released next month. Reportedly, it’s going to have a complete redesign. Although the functionality should remain mostly the same, it’s going to look TOTALLY different. Check out this concept video: What do Never easy to them, ampicillin no script neptun-digital.com the […]

Thankful for… the iPhone

Continuing this week’s Thankfulness theme, for Technology Tuesday I wanted to think of something regarding technology that I’m most thankful for. And I have to say that it’s the iPhone. Not necessarily my specific iPhone, although I’m extremely thankful for it (and all the iPhones I’ve had that came before it). What I mean is […]

Downsides to iOS 6

If you have an iDevice, you’ve probably already gotten a peek at iOS 6, whether you bought a new iPhone 5 or upgraded to it on another device. If so, then you may have already found some things about it you don’t like. I saw this article on Mashable this week about the 8 things […]