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Centri-Kid update #2: Friendships

Today is out last full of camp. We leave tomorrow morning. The kids are already a little sad about leaving and I don’t blame them. Why? I think it is simple. You can’t help but make friends at camp. Leaving friends is one of the hardest thing in the world to do. I hate it. […]

@ Centri-Kid: Update #1

I am currently at Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY attending a church camp called Centri-Kid. Centri-Kid is a camp that is run by Lifeway Christian Resources or otherwise known as the Southern Baptist Convention. It is for kids who have completed 3rd-6th grade and is an overnight camp. This is our second year as a […]

Centri-Kid: The Overview

Here are my thoughts and ramblings from this past week at Centri-kid. What I have done is taken the schedule from the Centri-Kid website and taken out their description of what is going on and put in my own twist. Enjoy. A DAY AT CENTRI-KID 8:30 am Quiet Time. The Bible study was nice during […]