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Churches Should Help Fund The Next Great Company

There have been entire industries created because of the Church. I am not even talking about those that serve the Church, like fundraising companies. I am talking about medical, printing and architecture. The history of the Church is not just bringing the gospel to communities but also jobs, innovations and social gathering spaces. I think […]

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Personal MBA Week 19 Plan

Have you wanted to start your own company? These 2 books will put you on the right path. If you are following along in the series then I will be writing my thoughts later this week on these 2 books: [amazon_enhanced asin=”1591842573″ /] Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim (review, audio) [amazon_enhanced asin=”0785288066″ /] The Psychology […]

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The Goal Book Summary and My Thoughts

Business is the practice of making money but what is the goal? This is the 36th book in the series Learning Together and Leading Together where we are going through the Personal MBA plan curated by Josh Kaufman. Our goal is to get through 99 books this year. Do we read the whole book? Nope. We digest the summary(s) […]

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