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Churches should be Co-working spaces

How many times have you driven by a church building during the week and seen the parking lot empty? I’m sure the answer is more often than not, especially if you drive by Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Why? Because this is when people are working, and they can’t gather to worship all […]

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SXSW: Where’s the Innovation?

One of the biggest themes of SXSW is innovation. This convention is where people bring out their crazy new ideas to see what the tech world thinks of them. So it’s also a good indication of where the industry may be moving, and it definitely can be good for inspiration or ideas. So after SXSW, […]

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Being Smart with Small Teams

You may remember that I wrote my Leadership Predictions for 2013 last week, and I predicted that smaller teams were going to be a trend. Well, Harvard Business Review seems to agree with me because they also recently wrote an article about it called “Smart Innovators Value Smaller Teams Over Better Processes.” At the same […]

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Communicate to Innovate

I saw this short video on Fast Company this week, and I thought it had some great thoughts about innovation. Although the title is “The Dawn of Social Innovation 3.0,” I think it’s about communication and collaboration in social innovation. Check it out:

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Who Cares If Samsumg Copied Apple?

I posted an article a couple weeks ago suggesting that in the famous Apple vs. Samsung case, it would be better for Samsung to win in order to not stifle future product innovation. Isn’t most innovation just developing on something someone already invented? Then I saw this Harvard Business Review article called “Who Cares If […]

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