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1 Device Every Parent Should Have

What is one of the biggest problems we face as a parents today? It’s not getting our kids to eat their veggies. It’s parents who feel helpless when it comes to technology and how to deal with it. Well I have good news to all parents. Introducing Circle. Circle is an internet connected device controlled […]

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Dad Week: Teaching Kids About Tech

To continue my “From a Dad’s Perspective” week, I wanted to share some thoughts about parenting in today’s technological world. It’s no secret that I’m a major tech guy. I love technology and gadgets, and I love having the newest and coolest thing. I think technology enriches our lives and enables us to do more […]

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Parenting Tweens Through Technology

Today’s highly technological and connected culture requires that parents step up their game when it comes to guiding their kids through the use of technology and social media. I saw this article on CNET this weekend called “How Instagram became the social network for tweens” that really brings to light some aspects of parenting that […]

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