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@ Shift: Dan Kimball

Session Title: They like Jesus but not the Church If you get nothing else:Live a life of IntegrityTake care of your studentsEvangelism is still important Scan the landscape- What does your community think of Jesus? -Jesus is my Homeboy t-shirt -Jesus action figures -Jesus band aids -Answer me Jesus “8 ball” -rock star Jesus The […]

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@ Shift: Dr. Kara Powell

Session Title: Deep Ministry in a Shallow World Our lives have become mindless – our food choices – what we wear – our youth ministry We have a feast of resources, so why do students leave undernourished? We have an epidemic of students leaving the church after High School. Our Goal should not be to […]

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@ Shift: Breakout 3

Speaker- Mike Huber History of Adolenscence -teenager originally -recent concept -post child labor laws-not a child & not an adult-it has created its own customs, music, and value systems The Mission Field– followers of Jesus have tried to impact this culture -We have taken God and made him culture -We are to guide people to […]

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@ Shift: Breakout 2

Reveal Research Findings Ministry is harder than the Marketplace because the marketplace has clear objectives (money) and ministry doesn’t (making disciples). -It is very hard to define making a disciple. -the basic definition is loving God and loving others -increasing participation doesn’t produce disciples Now for lots of graphs that I will link to later […]

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@ Shift: Breakout 1 w/ Brian McLaren

A Postmodern Conversation 1 Peter 3:15-16 Just because we disagree we should handle it with gentleness andkindness Brian starts with the history of the world The Modern World-The Earth is not the center of the galaxy-The Great Chain of Being is no longer Themes of Postmodern-Conquest runs into Conservation-analytical turns into post-analytical-objective changes to intersubjective-critical […]

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