Tech Thursday: Google Buzz and the Winter Olympics

What does Google Buzz and the Winter Olympics have to do with each other? Well before we can answer that question I think we need to figure out exactly what Google Buzz is and what the Winter Olympics are about this year.

What is Google Buzz?

Here is a video from Google explaining it:

So basically it is another social media network that can be found inside of GMail. It integrates with Twitter but doesn’t with Facebook. I think this is a huge mistake but I will get to that later in the post.

What is the Winter Olympics about this year?

Here is a video from NBC about what they think it is about:

Notice that we as Americans don’t have a great hope in the figure skating this year. How do I know this? She wasn’t in the video. We have a shot at snowboarding, hockey, couples skating, and our biggest hope is in speed skating. At least this is what NBC thinks because that’s what they showed us.

Over the years the Winter Olympics have paled in comparison to the Summer Olympics for the United States audience. Ratings would prove this over and over. We just don’t get into as much. I think there are some factors to this like the Winter X games that happen frequently and it doesn’t draw a huge audience. I also think that it is harder for us to connect to the Winter Olympic athletes because as a nation we prefer summer sports in general. I don’t know many kids who can’t wait to be the next down hill skier but I do know many who want to be the next LeBron or Kobe. This could be said of hockey as well. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for the US to dominate these Olympics but I just don’t think it will happen and I don’t think we Americans will get into. Did you even know that it starts tomorrow?

What does this have to do with Google Buzz and technology? Over the last few years I’ve been trying to get out of my email box. I use email less and less and communicate on Twitter and Facebook more and more. Email is filled with junk and spam and is related to tasks and to do lists. Social media is filled with connections and new people and new opportunities. I don’t know many people who can’t wait to get into their email box. I do however know many people who can’t wait to get onto Facebook and share their day or will Tweet until their heart is content. I hope you are seeing the similarities now.

People have a hard time connecting to the Winter Olympics and I believe that people will have a hard time connecting to a service that doesn’t integrate the best social networks around. Do I want Google Buzz to fail? No not at all. I’m a huge Google fanboi, but I do want more and more integration so I publish once and it posts everywhere. Do I want the Winter Olympics to fail? No not at all.

I hope both prove me wrong but at this point I’m not that hopeful.

What do you think? Do you think Google Buzz is going to explode? Do you like your email box? Do you think the US will do well in the Winter Olympics? Come on, I want to know.

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