The Eric Trap: A #Kidmin Leadership Book You Should Read Even If You Don’t Like Kids

Leadership is a skill that one never really masters but truly learns for a lifetime. I’m a leadership junkie when it comes to blogs, tweets, and yes even the old paper form book.

Some of my best friends in the world, Kenny Conley, Sam Luce, and Jim Wideman, have written a book called The Eric Trap. This book is a leadership fable that follows a fictitious character named Eric Newman who is a Children’s Pastor. Don’t get caught up that Eric is a Children’s Pastor because this book is not just for Children’s Ministers but for Student Pastors, Executive Pastors, and yes even those Senior Pastors out there who want to learn about great leadership principles. If you are in ministry you will identify with the week that Eric goes through in this book. You will realize that you have fallen into many of the traps that Eric falls into and you might not even know that you shouldn’t be doing some of the things you are doing. In fact the reason most Pastors burn out is because they fall into The Eric Trap.

So now that you know you should read it you can find out more info about the book and where to buy it here. You will enjoy this book.

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