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The question every company or nonprofit should ask…

Are the products, services, goods, or whatever you are asking people to buy or give to NEEDED or WANTED?

Knowing the answer makes all the difference in the world. Both NEED and WANT can be successful but not until you know what you have.

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5 Responses to The question every company or nonprofit should ask…

  1. Good call Matt. I love your Posterous tagline, “just… trying to make a difference in a world where a difference needs to be made.” Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for following me on Twitter. Great to connect!

  2. Thanks Jeff.

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  3. Anonymous at #

    When it comes to matters of Jesus I would say that the “product being sold” is his love and that everyone needs it!

  4. I totally agree.

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  5. Crystal Card at #

    I think any church would agree that
    The ‘product’ Jesus is needed, but are we ‘selling’ him in a way that makes Him wanted?

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