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What happened in #2010 (in my life at least)

Looking back on the year of 2010 makes my head spin.  There are not many things that are the same from January to December.  You know, besides the most important things: my wife and I are still married and love each other more now then when we did in January, my kids are both healthy, strong, and a joy in my life, my family supports me no matter what, I have incredible friends that stick as close as family, and I still have a God who shows me grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love every second of every day.  I am truly blessed.  I think because of those things I can write all of the changes that have occurred or events that happened in 2010.

  • I started a new company, R04R, that focuses on mobile apps for churches, schools, and non-profits and I’m able to be around and work with some of the best people helping churches and families focus on their strengths to reach the next generation at Orange.
  • I now own 2 houses that I don’t live in and rent a 3rd.  I wish one of those houses was on the beach but alas none are.  I do live in a great part of Atlanta and if you are ever in the area let me know.  We have an extra room.  If you need a place to buy or rent in the Cincinnati area then I have just the place for you…
  • I now drive a convertible VW Bug that is bright green.  I don’t know why really but I do.
  • I changed the web address of this blog from to  For all of those out there who still go to and get forwarded here I appreciate your long term support.
  • I help write a leadership curriculum for church leaders.  It is a little bit different than writing one for elementary kids in churches but you would be surprised by how similar they are to each other.  I kid because I care.
  • My oldest started kindergarten and announced that he has 2 girlfriends in his class.  My youngest has discovered how to make people laugh and will do anything to that end.
  • I no longer have a dog in my life and I don’t know how I really feel about that
  • I had to bail someone out of jail and go to the court house more times that I would have liked for friends
  • I turned down an invitation to the Playboy Mansion. That is a great story in itself.
  • I helped design a church building that was finished in 2010.  Some of the people who will use that building in 2011 will love me for it.  The staff is still blaming me though for all of the right things I did that they don’t see yet. (ha)
  • I now go to church with my family every week instead of working at one every week.  I even went to a Christmas Eve service and I didn’t do anything in it.  This was the first time in 10 years for that one.
  • I met more people, dreamed more dreams, read more tweets, and was pushed more spiritually than I think any other year of my life.

Those are just some of the things that happened in 2010.  What happened to you in 2010?  If you wrote a blog post about it then put it in the comments so that others can find it easily.  If you didn’t then feel free to let me know in the comments.  I would love to see what happened in your life as well.

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  1. Jc at #

    Thanks for letting some of us be along for part of the ride!

  2. it’s been fun watching the journey!

    thanks for the recap. what a year!

  3. JC at #

    thanks for the update my man. Fun to watch it all happen for everyone!

    Keep rockin!

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