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What is next in… Communication?

There have been incredible speeches given throughout the years. In fact, 50 years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr gave the famous “I have a Dream” speech.
Here is the speech from Dr. King 50 years ago.


Why do I talk about the past when the title and this week is all about the future and what is next? I talked about how content, I believe, will eventually be delivered to your one device of choice instead of in the what is next in technology post. How communication is delivered will always change but communication at its core will stay similar. What is next is how we tell stories, get our points across, inspire, encourage, and highlight injustices but doing all of this in both a visual and shortened time span.

If I had to guess, many of you did not listen to the Dr. King speech the day it was given because the majority of the audience for this blog is much younger than that. I would venture to guess though that many of you would not spend the 17 minutes to listen to it today either. Not because it is not great content or that it is not important. It is because most videos on YouTube that are watched are 2:00 or less. Most things that are read today are 140 characters or less. In fact if you have made it this far in the blog post then you may be in the minority. This is why communication has changed and will continue to change.

As the future of communication gets shorter and shorter our goal will be not to lose our ability to communicate. The future is not just 6 second or 15 second videos. It is not a picture with a filter. It is the ability to move someone in a brief moment that leads to more communication by the person who has been communicated to. This is how we will know if we are being effective in our communication.

What do you think is next communication?

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