What kind of phone do you carry?

With the launch of iPhone by Apple and their claim of reinventing the telephone I thought I would go into my theory of cell phones. Now I know that there is tons of info out there already on the iPhone and it has become an internet sounding board. So I am not going to try and tell you how great or not great the phone is, but I do want one just for the cool factor.

Anyway, on with the point. Right now in my pocket I am carrying the T-Mobile MDA. If you are not familiar with this phone it is a smart phone with a full version of Windows Mobile 5 on it. What does that mean? It means that my phone is a PDA, MP3 player, Bluetooth enabled, WiFi, Internet surfing small computer. It has word, excel, powerpoint, and will even open PDFs. Of course it has outlook for e-mail and will do instant messaging with a breeze. Here is the picture of the phone:

T-Mobile MDA

This is when the phone is open and on it’s side. It also has a miniSD slot where I have a 2 gig card for all of the music I want to take with me. I got a pair of Bluetooth Headphones for Christmas that I use to run with and a Bluetooth Headset to make my calls with. The phone has Windows Media Player on it to keep up with my playlist. So I have the comfort of a slide-out keyboard, touchscreen with stylus, and the phone can be use in both landscape that you see above and Portrait with the keyboard slid underneath. In general, a small enough phone that I carry in my front pocket and does everything I need for it to do.

Now some of you are looking at the above list and saying one of three things right now.

1. I want that phone.

2. You are bragging about your phone, so who cares.

3. I don’t have a clue what you just said.

Why did I tell you about my phone. Because I think it says a lot about who I am. It says that I like to have access to everything at my fingertips so that I can make decisions quickly. It says that I don’t like to be tied to my office so that I can meet with people on their terms and still get work done. It says that I am an early adopter and I am not scared of technology. It says that I am up to date with trends and culture. It says that I like gadgets that can improve my everyday life and the way I communicate with the people around me.

Now here is my question to you… What does your phone say about you? You do know that it doesn’t have to be just a phone. What kind of phone do you carry?

By the way, the iPhone comes out in June. It doesn’t do anything that my phone won’t already do but it is much cooler. Here is a picture:


If you don’t like my phone or the new iPhone and you want something more designer, Prada just came out with a phone. This is for those people who are really into fashion. Here is a picture:

Prada Phone

So there is phone talk for you. I could go on for days…

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