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Youth Specialties and INCM at the Orange Conference

For the first time, Orange Conference is offering special pre-conference tracks in an effort to further and deepen the effectiveness of student or children’s ministry specifically. These pre-conference tracks will include seminars led by top notch experts from INCM (International Network of Children’s Ministry), and YS (Youth Specialties). During the pre-conference, you can learn practical communication skills that cater specifically to youth, children and their families. By exploring key truths about the children you minister to, you will be equipped to influence your entire community. After all, you aren’t just influencing children in children’s ministry but you are also reaching parents. Those parents will need to communicate with you as well. How will you counsel and communicate with these parents– the difficult ones? What are your actions conveying when you aren’t saying anything? Some children and families will come from vulnerable situations, are you ready to positively engage with these people? You will benefit from the many excellent teachers’ years of experience by attending the pre-conference tracks at the Orange Conference. Further, you have the opportunity to earn a certificate from INCM, made available to those who attend all four of their seminars and complete a short test. Make sure you sign up today.
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